Geoguessr – some great advice, tips!

Posted: 26/02/2014 in Filosofi
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If you use your creativity, it might help you alot to get a lot closer to the target in Geoguessr. Here are some tips I have discovered:
1. Are they driving on left or right side of the road? (Left side = Australia, New Zealand, India, Great Britain, South/West Africa, Jersey, Malta, Cyprus, Bahamas, Brunei, Barbados, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Republic of Mauritius, South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago)
2. What car models are overrepresentatives (ex. many Fiats = mostly somewhere in Italy)
3. Search for any road signs (name of places, danger signs of kangaroos? moose? lions? :))
4. Are there any country flags?
5. What color are most of the people? (Asian, caucasian, blacks,
6. Is the stripe in the middle of the road which separate traffic moving in opposite direction yellow? (yellow = Norway, Canada, North and South America minus Chile!)
7. How is the vegetation? (Climate can help you a lot: palm trees, exotic plants etc)
8. How are the buildings? Do they look medieval = Mostly European. Famous buildings can also help you a lot)
9. Are you far from a coast line?
10. How is the infrastructure? Good roads or bumby or muddy?
11. Ad-signs on the road? What valuta is given?
12. Try to notice any signs on the passing cars. They might give away some names.

Photos that helps a lot:
I noticed this Swiss flag at a car, and there were some Medieval buildings. I also noticed a road sign that said: «Basel» and «Zurich»

ooops ops

My record (no cheating!):


Do you have any other advice? Please comment below 🙂


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