If all else fails

Posted: 01/03/2012 in Filosofi

If all else fails, hug your dog – or kitty. I found this photo on Facebook on the We Are All One Love page. I usually don’t share this kind of photos, but I really like the message in this one. Dogs – or other animals seem to «get it» when other people don’t. People who have had struggles with other people, could be due to bullying, abuse, neglect or diseases like autism, Asperger Syndrome etc., might get very well along with dogs, horses or animals in general.

My sister has an high energy dog, but when I feel depressed, he is very quiet and often just stays with me. And that’s all that I need. Someone to stay with me without having to explain everything or talk. Just sit quiet together. Animals understands so much more than we think they do. They see us, they learn from us, the even sometimes try to be like us. We should listen more to them.


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