The IT Crowd

Posted: 10/02/2012 in Filosofi

«The IT Crowd» is one of the best sitcoms I’ve ever seen. The show is about two guys, Roy and Moss, working as computer technicians in the basement of a big company. They are the ones you call when your computer breaks down. Jen is their Department Manager, but she doesn’t know anything about computers. In one episode Roy and Moss actually convince  Jen that the Internet is a black box. She actually brings with her «the Internet» box to a meeting to demonstrate. They also convince her that if you type «google» into Google, you will bring down the Internet.

A clip from the «Internet box episode»:

In one of the episodes, it suddenly appears a strange guy, named Richmond. He lives in the server room, behind the red door in the office. We do not know much about him other that he listens to goth music, he’s quite pale, he can hang from the ceiling,  he has developed agoraphobia (fear of open areas, crowds of people etc.) and he has an aversion to sunlight.

You might have to be a geek or at least know something about computers to find the show amusing. My mother, for instance, wouldn’t get it. (No offence, mom).

A quote from the show:
Roy: *singing* «We don’t need no education..» (Pink Floyd-song)
Moss: «Yes, you do. You just used a double negative»

Unfortunately there will not be produced more episodes of the show, after the 4 seasons already aired.

The IT Crowd on IMDB
Facebook fan page
Visit the IT Crowd virtual office – impressively detailed


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