What is intuition?

Posted: 09/01/2012 in Filosofi

What is intuition?
Lilly Bendriss gives a clean explanation while channeling in trance.

The sound is a little low, so I took a chance on writing it all down below:

Camillo Loken:
Could you please explain to us:
What is intuition?

Lilli Bendriss:
That which comes to you when somebody ask you something, or you approach a new situation, that which you feel in those first moments, is you intuition, the voice of your soul talking to you. And it is talking to you, not from a mental state of being, but from a gut feeling. Its enter, this voice, is not within your head. It enters in your solar plexus and gives you an emotional feeling, or a knowing which also is linked to the heart. It is before you start judging right or wrong. It is the naval string to your soul. The instrument given to you, so that you may maneuver yourself, according to your plan, to your manuscript. That which in forehand, before you were born, were written as a plausible scenario, or actions throughout your life. And the gift was your intuition, and when you go deeper, they call it clarity, psychichness, third eye. It is just words, but becomes conscious about your body’s language and it will lead you the way, and manifest your life, according to your highher will.


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