What I deserve

Posted: 27/11/2005 in Filosofi

Illustrasjon av kjekke
Erik Jacobsen.

There are times she cries
when I do wonder why,
we’re all so afraid to die.
See her eyes getting wet
by the third sigarett.
Politely I ask her why?

«There’s so many people around me,
and it tears me apart.
Seems I can’t commit at all
without breaking someones heart.
And when I’m alone at the end of the day,
there’s no one to see if I’m ok.»

«And I do care for you»,
she says kissing my cheek.
«But you’ll be gone
by the end of the week.
And if I were to wait for someone like you,
then I have to give up what I do.»

«I might hate myself for telling you this.
But you’re not enough», she says biting her lip.
«You might think I’m a coward, that I haven’t the nerve,
but I’m not what you deserve…»

Minor Majority (feat. Karen Jo Fields) – What I deserve


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